Can I return or replace my eyewear free of charge?
If your eyewear do not sit or you want to exchange your eyewear for others, you can send them in your original packaging and not damaged within 14 days to our address in the Terms and Conditions, and we will be happy to exchange your eyewear for others or return your money back to your account.
Where are the eyewear made?
Bekwood glasses are designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic. We have control over every piece that goes through several control processes until its final form.

What is the size of glasses? Can I measure my glasses myself?
For a better selection of your selected Bekwood glasses, product photos or videos are best suited for your selection. On each model there are gilded numbers that indicate the eyepiece width, beam width, and side length (example: 53 – 19 – 145). The dimensions of the glasses are also listed in the specifications under each model shown on the product page.

Are glasses always the same as on product photos?
We are trying to make our collections the same as in the photos, but in the case of special trees such as spice, we never choose the same pattern (this is not a color change, only a sample as such). The frame of glasses, thanks to the variety of wood structures, is always original.

Walnut Burl

What are the benefits of wooden sunglasses?
All Bekwood eyewear are made of several layers of hardwood veneers, which we stick together and then compress. Glasses are so lightweight (weighing between 22 and 35 grams), they have a temperature stability (they do not warm up or stand out) and they are treated with a special varnish. The final layer guarantees perfect resistance to sweat and water. Thanks to the L-lock system, you can easily insert any diopter lenses into the frame.
Which optics you are using?
Sunglasses are fitted with certified 2-mm Swiss-Optic glasses CR-39 that protect your eyesight from UVA and UVB radiation. Thanks to its superior optical properties compared to conventional plastic films, you will not miss any detail. Classic and polarized glasses are available to filter off unpleasant glare. Polarization filter only passes positive vertical waves, increases contrast and eliminates unpleasant glare. The lenses also have a hydrophobic and anti-reflective finish.
Can I burn my text or design on my selected eyewear?
We burn text that can be placed on the inside or outside of the page. The text has a maximum character of 12 characters. If the shade of the glasses is black (oak marsh, Indian palisander), we recommend burning the text to the inside of the page (usually a medium-brown walnut where the text is beautifully highlighted).